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Quality control

Raw material / parts detection capability:
The precise determination of room to introduce advanced equipment, can detect the basic size, shape and position tolerances, surface roughness, surface hardness, hardness of metalrubber parts, individual parts of the dielectric properties of permanent magnetic materials, themagnetic parameters, the number of turns of the coil and the coil resistance, Zhou Chenghanrate of oil, metal material analysis, gear tooth for tooth to tooth pitch, parts of the pull and pressure from the force detection, the initial spring force termination of force and spring forceand the enameled wire brine pinhole experiment. Special inspection of permanent magnetic flux, magnetic materials, components of the metal material metallographic test and the individual components with. The detection and analysis of standardization, standardization ofequipment inspection report, timely, accurate and reliable calibration, data.

》ISO 9002Certified by IAF/HLA (1998.10)
》QS 9000Certified by IAF/HLA (2002.10)

》TS  16949Certified  by  DNV(2006.03-2015.01)
》ISO14001Certified by IAF (2007.05-2016.4.18)

The main testing equipment
1:The three coordinate measuring machine.2:The imaging optical instrument.3:The gear measuring center.4:Yongci materials with different curve testing device.