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Brand story
Brand story
  Dear customers and partners:
  First of all, thank you very much for your support and help to Jinzhou Hannah Motor Co., Ltd!
  In order to further enhance the company's international image, shape the industry brand, and improve the brand influence and competitiveness, the company has designed and registered a new corporate logo, which has been officially launched since January 1, 2013. The old logo and the new logo have the same legal effect. We will change the business card, publicity materials and other logos one after another. In addition, "jheco" is the English abbreviation of Jinzhou Hannah Motor Co., Ltd. in the past, not the trademark of Hannah. Please note that "jheco" will be used uniformly in the future.
  Old logo:   
  New logo:  
  The new logo of Jinzhou Hanna Motor Co., Ltd. is marked by the English initial "jhec" The bottom layer of the logo is dark blue, which is the color of the sea, symbolizing our company's boundless creativity; the middle part of the logo is light blue, which symbolizes vitality and passion, showing the vigorous development of the company; the upper part of the logo is dark green, which symbolizes our energy-saving and green product development Color environmental protection oriented, fully show Hannah Electric's attitude and contribution to the environment and society.
  Jinzhou Hanna Motor Co., Ltd. is willing to work with customers and partners to win-win and create a bright future!